3 Gifts From an Otherworldly Transit

If I had to take the most relevant snapshot of my life right now, I’d aim my cosmic camera to Neptune transiting my sun… and it would have to be a deep-sea waterproof camera because my sun is submersed in the midpoint of Pisces.


Neptune transiting the Piscean Sun draws to us the oceanic domain of the mermaid. With Neptune’s 164 year cycle this is a rare cosmological event for the piscean. While going through this orphic transit, the piscean has the opportunity to integrate the mermaid archetype and discover incredible abilities, gifts and healing potential to fuse into their lives.

The Meeting of Neptune and The Piscean Sun

Neptune entered Pisces in 2011 and it will remain until 2026, and for those of us with our natal sun in pisces this is a chapter of our lives bookmarked in time with a great potential for rich mysticism and discovery. If the pisces sun acts as a portal between this world and the next, Neptune’s arrival increases pisces already otherworldly nature with his ability to draw us deeper into an oceanic mystery.

3 Gifts from the Neptune Transit of the Pisces Sun

1. Eclectic Superpowers (for mystic discovery)

Individuals going through this transit will experience an onslaught of abilities related to the world of intuition, beauty and art. Of course the house in which this transit is occurring in your chart will reveal how these tools will manifest and the potential of their use. Some include but are not limited to: increase interest in the occult and esoteric, ability to seemingly channel unique solutions to creative projects, rich dreams or insights, heightened connection to transcendent beauty, and ease to live poetically and sensually.

Although it is great to have these tools in your arsenal, not everyone will use these abilities in the same way. Some may even suppress these urges or sparks of guidance, for the ocean of the Neptune Pisces Sun is intense and requires a certain bravery that not all possess initially and that leads to the following gift:

2. An Improved Ability to Navigate the Darkness

According to Caroline Casey, there is an inherent retrograde energy that comes with Neptune. Neptune asks us to go back over the meaningful areas it touches and reflect more deeply… editing and revising with a cosmic pen. To do this editing, we have to trust ourselves, our shadows, honoring the parts of us that are in the depths of the sea, often hidden or obscured.

This too is akin to the mermaid archetype and her comfort in the depths of the dark ocean, her calm observation and controlled power to command and navigate her space. To this end, I’d say be the mermaid, don’t get seduced by one- now is the time to be empowered and cultivate self-agency by examinging the areas of your life that aren’t working for you. Confront these areas rather than pulled into an abyss of shadow and addictive habits (the negative side of Neptune).

The idealized and highest vibrational form of this gift is the mermaid girl who is comfortable with the realm of darkness, is aware of her own limitations, and enjoys the sensual exploration of these themes because she knows that the opportunity for transformation is indeed resounding and sublime.

3. Higher Octave of Beauty and Connection

Neptune acts as the higher octave of Venus. The Neptune transit reminds us that there is compassion, beauty and love available to us all and the piscean sun can transmute that to the world. We have the ability to be mermaids not only for ourselves but to carry that archetype out into the world to share our gifts with others. We can be magically engaged, darkly imperfect but more than anything share a beauty that is honest and committed to the deep profound resonance of the cosmic ocean, source, the subconscious, and earth.

Stay tuned for the next installment: How to Be a Neptune Mermaid – A Step by Step Guided for the Pisces Gal.