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Connect to your cosmic journey, and live your great adventure. 

Asteroid Goddess Reading

Explore a unique  consultation condensed with alchemical information on how to work with the four asteroid goddesses in your chart.



Natal Chart & Year Ahead

Map the heavens to reveal the major plot points of the year ahead in order to make the most impactful decisions for life, love, business, creativity, and personal growth.



Natal Chart Reading

Uncover your cosmic narrative. We’ll examine the planets in your chart and key areas of life that will help you cultivate your life’s story.





I am a practitioner of Archetypal Astrology with over a decade of experience with archetypal and cosmological research. Currently, I am pursing a MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David. In my work, I focus on the individual’s story and great adventure, using the symbolism of the stars to navigate meaning and creative purpose in our lives.

Currently, I am seeking participants in a research study on Divine Intervention. If you would like to fill out a questionnaire please see the link below.

Astrology is a Language. If you understand this language, The Sky Speaks to You.

– Dane Rudhyar

The Experience

Astrological Services

“Nothing exists without a purpose. And we humans are subject to the laws of nature just as everything else on earth is.” – Caroline Myss

Comprehensive Consultations

Dive into your cosmic code and the symbolic language of the universe.

Unveiling Your Path

Each astrological consultation employs thorough interpretation of of the planets in your chart and the creative unfolding of your hero’s journey. 

Reinterpreting Challenges

Challenges are often an alchemical process of understanding. They reveal to us areas in which we have significant power of transformation available to us.

Archetypal & Mythological

Approach to Astrology

Archetypal Astrology brings together the symbolic world and a meaningful interpretation of the cosmos. Within this intersection is the divine potential of understanding where we can have the most creativity, evolution and adventure in our lives.

Deep Dive Into Astrology 101

Learn more about why astrology as an interpretive framework works, and how its been employed since the ancient world.

What Astrology Isn’t…

Learn more about mainstream misconceptions about astrology…

The Language of Archetypes

Archetypes are the symbolic underpinning to all societies and cultures to understanding how they navigate the world.


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