This post is a survival guide specifically catered towards sun-in-pisces individuals who are currently going through the transiting Neptune to natal sun conjunction.

This is one of the rare once-in-a-lifetime astrological transits that has the ability to be the most magical time or… a time for the seemingly infinite spiral inward where we can become trapped under a current of daydreams and escapism. My hope is that we capture this time and allow Neptune’s twilight orbs of influence to weave its way into our vibrant self. The following are steps to cultivating the magic of Neptune transiting the house of your piscean sun.

1. Increase your mystic powers

Neptune calls us to be a bridge between this world and the next. I don’t necessarily mean the afterlife, but instead the bridge between two worlds: your “normal” nine-to-five life and the creative world, or (in more cosmological terms) the world between mundane secularism and mysticism. How you choose to build that bridge is up to you.

  • Take a class in tarot or astrology, read any book by Sonia Choquette.
  • Browse the new age, religious, science fiction or philosophy sections of your local bookstore
  • Meditate daily during this transit
  • Trust your intuition- your intuition is like a muscle; you have to use it or lose it (not really)… but the more you use it, the more you are able to develop the muscle memory to activate six sensory knowledge whenever you need it.

2. Be an underworld navigator

So often people avoid their shadows and the places where we carry hurt and pain in our lives. Look to Chiron in your chart for an example… But where we carry hurt and pain we also carry our greatest gifts for transformation. Often we must traverse the underworld in order to experience these gifts.

Some people confuse navigating the underworld with living there full time. That’s not really the answer and can be detrimental to the wellbeing of your soul and psyche. Navigators come prepared and equipped with their survival essentials. They pack their backpack with items that serve their journey without bogging them down and that includes a map to guide them through the roughest terrain- As the quote says “If you’re going through hell, keep going!” Some tools you might want to take with you are:

  • a journal – one of my favorite quotes is from John St. Augustine who says “When in doubt, write it out.” – stream of conscious writing, morning pages or just basic journaling is your map. In the process of putting pen to paper your subconscious meets your conscious and you are able to channel the answers to any issue you may be facing. Sometimes I underestimate this tool but it has gotten me through every crisis. If this is the only thing you carry with you during your Neptune/Natal Sun Transit you will be perfectly fine.
  • a water bottle – drink plenty of water during this time, as it makes processing difficult emotions and moving energy through your body much easier.
  • Salt Water Bath – this evening ritual can release stale energy and detoxify the body.

These three things are essential for this transit especially during the exact degree of the conjunction. Bonus tip: go easy on yourself during this time, especially if you tend towards overwhelm and anxiety. Take cues from your body and release the energy that doesn’t serve you.

3. Be a voice for the higher octave of beauty

The outer planets are known as the higher octave planets; Neptune being the higher octave of Venus. During this time we are called to transform or definitions of beauty and be able to synthesize more transcendent forms that speak to our souls and the essence of who we are and why we are here on this planet. Here are a few things that can take this experience of beauty to the next level.

  • Be mindful of what you share on social media. Ask yourself if what you are sharing reflects beauty, truth, freedom or love. Does it liberate the spirit, does it inspire or uplift others? Does it reflect a greater truth or deeper understanding that might be beneficial to someone consuming that content. Does it reflect the beauty you want to see in the world? Not everything you share has to be profound. It could be a photo of the sun rising over your backyard and it will still have infinitely more power to share than the latest viral controversy.
  • Speak Kindly to yourself– life is short… chances are you will come across your fair share of monsters, villains and dragons on your path so don’t waste your time being your own worst enemy. What thoughts are you lingering on during the day? These could reflect what you are saying to yourself and your own self-treatment. Especially true if this transit is happening in your first, third or seventh house. Pick one or two negative thoughts or limiting beliefs about yourself you’ve been holding onto and intend to release them during this transit.
  • Choose beauty over chaos. This is easier said than done. Who wouldn’t choose beauty over chaos, right? Wrong. We human beings have a funny way of lying to ourselves and tricking ourselves into the exact scenarios that make us suffer the most, and often needlessly. Simplify your life during this time. Consolidate and make room for your dreams and subconscious to move through you and inform your actions. Release the circumstances that cause confusion and tragedy. I don’t say these words lightly. Every day wasted is tragic, especially if it is wasted on people, circumstances and things that will never hear the beauty on the octave you want to share.

4. Get your house in order- specifically the house in which this transit is occurring.

For me this is the fourth house so it is literally my home (and family) that is being kissed by Neptune in Pisces. During this transit you may feel up in the clouds or underwater like nothing is getting done. Neptune may want to give you too much information or entice you to carve out a corner to escape into. You can mitigate this by staying grounded. Below are ways to ground each house depending on where this transit is occurring:

  • First House – Be grounded in your purpose and identity. Write your life’s purpose on an index card and say it every morning.
  • Second House – Be grounded in your senses. Maintain neat and beautiful surroundings. Candles, music and tea are recommended whenever possible.
  • Third House – Be grounded in the information you receive. Turn off emails after 6pm. Limit the amount of time you watch reality TV. Instead fill your mind with podcasts, articles and books that enliven you with information that activate the beauty in you.
  • Fourth House – Be grounded in your home. Keep your home tidy, and create a sacred space to go to everyday for meditations or rituals.
  • Fifth House – Be grounded creatively without any guilt. Neptune might want to sweep you off your feet and take you to worlds beyond your creative domain. Allow it. But make sure your are fully supported in your daily responsibilities, that we you can take flight creatively without any guilt.
  • Sixth House – Be grounded in your day to day rituals.  It’s important to make time for yourself and the things you want to manifest in your life. Keep it simple: a 15 minute meditation or a 10 minute walk daily can open the channels for you for receiving higher information.
  • Seventh House – Be grounded in your interactions with others. This could be a particular sensitive time for you, especially during lunar transits and aspects. Research stoicism and see if that is something worth integrating into your interactions with others, especially when dealing with difficult or anxiety inducing people. Also, protect your aura so that you can radiate your positive energy and light without soaking in someone else’s negative emotions.
  • Eighth House – Be grounded in the darkness. As mentioned before, the darkness is not all bad- in fact this can offer the greatest transformation to us. Patience is key… don’t try to fix all your problems in one day. Remind yourself you are learning and are here to learn.
  • Ninth House – Be grounded in the ideas that stir your soul.  If you feel particularly inspired by an idea or philosophy, find ways to integrate that into your being. Set aside time to also just listen to music and think.
  • Tenth House – Be grounded in your career or outward trajectory. Support yourself by really researching things that may impact your career before fully committing. Once you decide that a choice is right for you then actually follow through and commit, even if it seems challenging or scary.
  • Eleventh House – Be grounded in your community. Be clear on the impact you want to make in your community and the world. Once you know your intention, Neptune will inspire you with the How.
  • Twelfth House – Be grounded in going inward. Journal your experiences in the dream world. Use the canvas to paint your inner realities. The point is to create spaces for your subconscious to manifest.

5. Look to Leo

Last, but not least, where does Leo show up in your chart? The house that contains the lion will be the area to best direct your mermaid super powers, as it will most likely receive many of the positive results of this transit as the Sun rules Leo.

  • First House Leo- You might be drawn to change your appearance into something more otherworldly, or you may be drawn to viewing yourself in a more esoteric light.
  • Second House Leo- Your material possessions and your self-worth are very much tied to the spiritual right now. Set intentions for what things and experiences you want to draw into your life and make sure they are in alignment with your spiritual compass.
  • Third House Leo- You shine by communicating your spiritual truth and sharing what makes you feel magical during this time. Great time to read and gather knowledge of intuitive techniques that can help specific areas of your life. Particularly areas that are ruled by planets in your third house.
  • Fourth House Leo- You can be of great council and service to your family at this time. The advice you give can make them feel exhilarated and in control of their circumstances.
  • Fifth House Leo- That book you’ve wanted to write, or the painting you’ve left undone in your closet can be completed during this time… it’s like you are channeling all the creative solutions from the universe.
  • Sixth House Leo- Integrate rituals into your life as they will improve your ability to shine in the world. Be super intentional, it’s easier than you thought! If you are operating on the positive side of Neptune during this time, you are more vibrant than ever.
  • Seventh House Leo- Friends and partners are drawn to you and you are able to shine in your unique intuitive abilities- especially if you decide to open up and share them with those closest to you at this time.
  • Eighth House Leo- Lots of transformative events and topics are surfacing for you. They are transformative because the topics are either deep or difficult. Getting through this time will shift you to a greater level of being if you are sensitive to this transit and care for yourself at this time.
  • Ninth House Leo- You thrive during this time studying the esoteric, ancient religions and the occult. You’d benefit from reading a lot and journaling as well.
  • Tenth House Leo- Your career would benefit from taking the quirky and unusual lessons of Neptune and applying it to the way your navigate the professional space. Listen to your gut at work.
  • Eleventh House Leo- Have you thought about joining a neptunian community? Maybe an art co-op, or a class at your local new-age shop?
  • Twelfth House Leo- This transit might have been meant for you. You can probably hone in on your intuitive abilities and help others through your gifts.